Joanne Thorne Arnold

"Light is a fundamental force in my approach. I am drawn to the morning and evening light, both with an equal sense of awe. I am fortunate that from home I can look out and experience a hill bathed in its morning glow. I feel it, it's there, it's gone and it never gets old. I love the way the landscape kick starts my day. In the evening, I experience the same type of quiet when the sky is changing into the night. I love the smell of the air throughout the seasons and appreciate the clouds, the sky and the hills as they are ever changing."

I am an oil painter who explores the visual language of color using a variety of perspectives, lines and textures. My work is a reflection of the natural world. My paintings give off a feeling of atmosphere, time and place. I'm inspired by the landscape and the changing seasons. The color fields that I paint have a unique abstract expression where colors merge and pulsate. The layers of rhythmic lines and suffused light help create harmony and balance.