“Water” by Carolyn Gilligan and “DAY” by Joanne Thorne Arnold

Friday, October 7th - Sunday, October 30th 2016

Carolyn Gilligan and Joanne Thorne Arnold

Cape Scape by Joanne Thorne-Arnold
Sunset I by Joanne Thorne-Arnold
DAY is an exhibition of oil paintings and glass scenes by Joanne Thorne Arnold. Landscape in subject matter, the work is influenced by the beautiful day; the kind you hate to see end because the air, the light and the atmosphere feeds your spirit. The energy of spring, summer and autumn are apparent in this show. Joanne is a colorist whose layering of colors creates a visual energy that pulsates in every painting.

“Water” includes ocean shorelines, waterfalls and streams by watercolorist Carolyn Gilligan. Using a plastic kind of paper called Yupo, she has found a way to show what is underwater by layering semitransparent Yupo with an underpaper.