New Works

Thursday, October 1st - Saturday, October 24th 2015

Barbara Bernstein and Karen Kuff-Demicco

Fused Glass by Barbara Bernstein
Ceramic Sculpture by Karen Kuff-Demicco
For years both artists have expressed their visions and interpretations of the world through their art. In addition, they really enjoy exploring ideas and experimenting with techniques. This show contains new work as Barbara and Karen delve into different themes, methodologies and even new media.
Barbara works primarily in glass. However, in addition to her glass sculptures, she is exhibiting linoleum prints framed with fused glass. “I have been trying to develop this new process where I color my prints using glass. The prints show groups of pears, so I ended up sculpting women’s bodies that looked like pears.” She is also showing a series of sculptures made with paper and encaustics.

Karen has been stepping outside her normal parameters by experimenting with the figure, colors, and atmospheric firings including salt, soda, wood, and gas reduction. She has also been examining the use of grids and their meaning in her work. Gesture studies and heads are explored as well. “I am excited about including a portrait bust that is based on a sculpture of a Roman citizen from 500 A.D. “My work is a 21st century version of the original sculpture.”