Natural Flow

Friday, April 5th - Saturday, April 27th 2024
Danette Matteo
Merri Markovitch

A debut show for two of our newest exhibiting members, Natural Flow features paintings by Danette Matteo and Photographs by Merri Markovich.

The Dance – Acrylic – 30″ x 34″

My work is about the internal and external forces of nature which are in essence, the Natural Flow. I observe these forces in the movement of water, in the stillness of a fig and its leaves, and in the landscape.

My response is an emotional and spiritual expression rooted in the desire for movement. Through the creative process, I heal myself and move forward in my own spiritual growth.

– Danette Matteo
Rain Kissed Garden Lily – Photographic Print – 20″ x 16″

Finding the extraordinary in a moment of everyday life… capturing magical moments of light and color.

– Merri Markovich