Danette Matteo

As a young child I found balance and peace in the elements of nature. No matter my subject I'm usually drawn back to the landscape as my center. After Years working in a medium I fell in love with, encaustic (hot wax and pigment), I was forced to quit for health reasons. Now I've returned to acrylic painting which I first used over 30 years ago. I am always striving and pushing to the unknown or to the new again. This where I make the most beautiful and exciting discoveries. In the past few years I have used water as inspiration to create movement, flow, and rhythm in my work. More recently, a garden series that featured figs and tomatoes reflects a renewed intimate connection with my Italian roots. Over and over again, I find that what I am called to create is exactly what my soul needs at the time. And in hindsight, I realize that I am flowing back to the landscape with new insights. This is another beginning in a life's journey of exploration and new adventures.