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DPA and Mural Artists

Friday, February 2nd - Saturday, February 24th 2024
Judy Salton

with Reda Abdelrahman, Diane Lia, Emily E O'Reilly, Ann Pellegrino, Shawna Stevenson, Rasha Taher

February’s feature is an installation of murals created by local artists as well as videos featuring mural, graffiti, and African-American artists. Presented by the department of public art and and exhibiting members Judy Salton & MaryRose in honor of Peg Johnston. The Dept. of Public Art was formed in 2012 with the intent of creating and encouraging public art. DPA is a volunteer-based organization, committed to creating art in the public realm with a strong community involvement and support for local artists.

Binghamton is becoming a city of murals, powerful large pieces of art adorning a number of the buildings in our area. Much of this new mural art is sponsored by the Department of Public Art. Now the DPA and the Cooperative Gallery 213 on State Street are joining together to create an installation celebrating this art form, MURALS IN THE GALLERY.

Seven muralists have created large panel mural work in the gallery. The murals go in size from two one panel 8’x4′ images to  the largest which is a four panel 8′ x 16′ mural. In addition to adding beauty and visual interest to a neighborhood, murals can celebrate the history of an area, and express a point of view.. The subject matter of these murals was determined by the artists who represent both the DPA and the local community of muralists. A four foot pop-up book by Diane Lia is also part of this exhibit. 

Join us for screenings of art and artist videos as part of this show:

SAT 2PM Feb 3:       “10 African-Americans you should know”
                                   “Graffiti is Changing the Face of Art”

WED 6PM Feb 7:       “Swoon from the Streets to the Galleries”
                                   “Race in America: Giving Voice with Bisa Butler”

SAT 2PM Feb 10:       “Race in America: Giving Voice with Bisa Butler”
                                   “Swoon: from the Streets to the Galleries”

WED 6PM Feb 14:     “Amoako Boafa: I Stand by Me
                                   “CornBread and The Legendary Graffiti Artist”

SAT 2PM Feb 17:       “CornBread and The Legendary Graffiti Artist”
                                   “Amoaka Boafo: I Stand for Me”

WED 6PM Feb 21:     “…An Economy of Grace” & “Getting to know Kehinde Wiley”
                                   “The Artist Who Paints What She Hears”

SAT 2PM Feb 24:       “Against the Odds, Artists of the Harlem Renaissance”
                                   “Exit through the Gift Shop”