“Sticks, Stones and Scavenged Bones” by Don Sharpe / Work by Jeanne VanBuren

Friday, February 5th - Saturday, February 27th 2016

Jeanne VanBuren and Don Sharpe

Sculpture by Don Sharpe
“Sticks and Stones and Scavenged Bones” by Don Sharpe and New Works by Jeanne Van Buren features found art sculptures by Don Sharpe and paintings and photography by Jeanne Van Buren. Don Sharpe explains, “My work is inspired by the cyclical beauty of nature and the neglect of man. Blending the two, my intent is to salvage the remains and reconstruct my world.” Lately he has been creating rock sculptures in situ, mostly along the river, and he is anxious to share these “gravitational meditations” in his “playtime with rocks” Third Thursday workshop which is free and open to the public.