“Seasons” & the Artist’s Eye

Monday, August 29th - Saturday, September 24th 2022

Carolyn Gilligan, Regina Losinger and Ashlyn Kelly

Orange Rose
Carolyn Gilligan has always used watercolor to express her love of nature in all its seasonal beauty. According to Carolyn, Seasons, her latest show, presents “beautiful landscapes from near and far” that she wants to share with her public.

Regina Losinger’s paintings focus on the”Figurative”. They are a visual exploration of the beauty and curves of the centers of roses which do resemble the soft curves of the eye. Regina’s works were inspired by her love of flowers, gardening, and yoga. Painted in modernist and cubist styles, her roses are a departure from her usual realistic painting style.

Ashlyn Kelley’s paintings of eyes are studies of the variety of eye shapes and colors rendered in oil on 30”x”24” canvas and are the “literal” part of the joint show. As an artist, Ashlyn has always been interested in eyes. “They are not only foundational to each person’s perception of the world, but they also tell a lot about us as individuals.”