New Abstract Photography by Dan Harrington

Friday, March 4th - Saturday, March 26th 2016

Dan Harrington

“Beyond Reality” will run from Friday March 4th through Saturday March 26th, 2016. “Beyond Reality” will feature new photographic images labeled by the artist as “ Abstract Photography”. Harrington, a watercolor painter and photographer states,” I have been painting very realistic images with watercolor for over 20 years and I’ve also been a photographer for over 20 years. When I first became interested in photography I did a lot of black and white in the Darkroom but mostly my photos were reference photos for paintings. About 5 years ago I starting, almost on a whim, taking photos for pure artistic reasons and this new direction has been a fun journey for me. I was surprisingly drawn to things that had an abstract quality. These images are in stark contrast to my paintings but somehow give me a nice balance between the very real paintings I do and the abstract images I capture in my photos. Over the past few years I have alternated my shows between my paintings and my photography. I have found they don’t mix well in a shared show but separating them allows me to focus on the two mediums individually. In this upcoming show In “Beyond Reality” I am pushing much further into the abstract realm. I have not physically altered any part of the image, however I am greatly exaggerating many other parameters of the digital photo to create an abstracted image that appeals to me and hopefully others.