“Looking Forward and Looking Backward” Opening August 4th

Thursday, August 3rd - Saturday, August 26th 2023

Martha Colgan and Nancy Ryan

White Birds
Martha Colgan’s show looks back at her collage paintings with hand printed paper collaged on top of paintings. Looking forward, her most recent work was done at the Equinox gallery and explores printmaking techniques. She is currently developing an interest in “chine colle” which combines collage and printmaking which Is opening up exciting new directions. Combining new media together is something Martha finds “very exciting.”

Nancy Ryan’s show looks back at some of her work from the past.,but as she says,”Time marches on. Things change. This seems to me like the right time to revisit and reexamine. For good or bad I’ve never been one to plot my course In advance. I must wait to see what direction my steps will take as I look forward to what lies ahead.”