Karen Kuff-Demicco

My work incorporates faces and figures as a means for conveying my thoughts. Associations with the human face and form are universal. The faces and figures I portray are at times representational, fragmented and/or gestural within a narrative framework. Subtle variations, gentle gestures, and color placement, hue and value imply meaning.

The series of small heads that I am currently working on are both a challenge and a joy to make. I start with no preconceived notion of the outcome. I let my imagination, observation and ideas direct my work with the small heads. In contrast, most of my larger work starts with a predetermined concept.

I am currently a self-employed artist working in my studio. My primary medium is clay; I do love the way it responds in my hands. Recently, however, I have strayed into mixed media and printmaking. Much to my surprise, I have been happy to to find my voice there.

My background includes: a BFA in Sculpture, BA in Geology and an MS in Urban Planning. I have benefited from several residencies, attended numerous workshops in clay around the country and taken many years of Ceramic summer school at Alfred University. Lately I have been exploring printmaking at Equinox Press in Endicott, NY.